"Alone we may be weak, but together we are strong." - Bang Yongguk

every time I try to study bangtan be creeping like

every time I try to study bangtan be creeping like

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the thing hoseok does when he’s half rapping half singing and it gets everyone hot and bothered

1. Born Singer

2. I Like It

3. Coffee

4. Path

5. Rain

6. So 4 More

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17/100 of kim taehyung (feat. jimin) | ©

17/100 of kim taehyung (feat. jimin) | ©

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liontae demonstrating his part in slowmo
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bangstergram: #7IN13STUDIO

bangstergram: #7IN13STUDIO

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Vote for B.A.P as Best Korean Act for the MTV EMA’s 2014! If they win they will be nominated for Best Wold Wide Act where the winners will be revealed live during the show. Please reblog to spread the word.

"Bang Yong Guk has shown interest in activism even before his 2011 debut through donating to UNICEF, World Vision and Save the Children. He creates awareness through his interviews, music and SNS, using his 530K Twitter followers and B.A.P’s Facebook, which is close to 1 million likes. His determination to change lives of others has affected his fans worldwide. BABY – B.A.P’s official fan club - has, through Bang’s works, been inspired to donate money and time in the same manner. Fans now send their certificates to show B.A.P the charity activities they’ve done and B.A.P encourage them via SNS to continue bettering the world. Bang has said: “Celebrities should be the icon of a role model," a statement he tries to live by daily. Though B.A.P is one of the world’s fastest growing K-pop artists he and B.A.P advocate activism wherever possible – the ‘B.A.P LIVE ON EARTH 2014,’ tour has the concept of ‘EARTH NEEDS YOU,’ encouraging people to do something vital and positive for their planet."

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it should be illegal for you to be this cute ;n;

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